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so touching. you probably seen this already. but, why not, this is simply a drop dead cute project.

一直很喜歡Walker Lamond這個1,001 rules of my unborn son blog, 裡頭集結了有很多有趣又感人要對兒子說的話,對應著老照片以及成為一個所謂長成”好“男人的必聽歌曲。



rule No. 391. In her dad’s eyes, until you marry her, you’re not in the picture.  (哈哈哈哈哈, 我最喜歡這個,true, so true)

rule No. 384. All drinking challenges must be accepted.

rule No. 376. If you need music on the beach, you’re missing the point.

rule No. 350. Ride in the front car of a roller coaster.

rule No, 335. If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

rule No. 332. Suck it up.

rule No. 329. Don’t underestimate your fertility.

rule No. 279. Take her picture.

rule No. 266. Own a gray flannel suit.

rule No. 243. There is no need to tell anyone you are leaving the bar.

rule No. 223. Be a good diver.

rule No. 194. Have a signature dish, even if it’s your only one.

rule No. 189. Learn to drive a stick shift.

rule No. 187. Smile at pretty girls.

rule No. 176. Do laundry often. You won’t need as many clothes.

rule No. 166. Drive a vintage car before you are thirty.

rule No. 152. Try a hairstyle that you’ll one day regret. I’ll get over it.

rule No. 129. Start a band.

rule No. 107. Live in New York.

rule No. 99. Nothing good ever happens after 3 am. I promise.

rule No. 68. Collect things.

rule No. 63. Send postcards.

rule No. 49. Call your mom.

rule No. 36. If you absolutely have to fight, punch first and punch hard.

rule No. 32. When in the woods, be quiet.

rule No. 12. Be a Strong swimmer.

rule No. 11. Don’t waste time with a fancy watch.

現在對未出生的兒子的一千零一條規範只到了三百多條,Walker Lamond的兒子已經出生,這些規條也將集結成Rules for My Unborn Son